Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hitting the road!

Folks over in Albuquerque have asked me to give presentations over there the last weekend in January.  It turns out that with the currently-low cost of gas, it's cheaper for me to drive the RV than the little Hyundai -- IF I park overnight in a Walmart parking lot along the way.  I've never done this, so that'll be part of the adventure.

That's spurred me to get some of my current RV projects completed sooner rather than later. I have an appointment with my RV service place on Monday morning; they'll keep it a couple of days and do the following:

Fix the cut-over switch which make it possible to start the vehicle if the starter battery is run down and the coach batteries have juice.  This isn't so critical for a trip like this where AAA will never be far away, but for later trips to more remote places...

Drill some holes and put in fittings so the solar panel can be plugged into the coach battery bank without removing one of the entrance steps.

And some other holes and fittings so I can run my inverter off the coach battery without -- you guessed it -- removing the entrance step.

There's also some little stuff which I may ask them to do while it's in the shop.   Arizona Road- Runner is the furthest thing from the big glossy RV sales/service outfits which are easy to find south of the city.  This is literally a Mom-and-Pop operation, which I've had good luck with before.  Plus, they're real close.  This is their web site

The end of next week or the first thing the following week, I'll take the Beast in to Buck's Auto for a general checkup and a few mechanic-type things which need attending to.  Buck's web site is here.

Doing this reminds me how different my situation is than some of the people whose blogs I'm reading.  I can afford (so far!) to have pro's look over and take care of the stuff which I can't.

I've been enjoying fiddling and fixing, but I'm looking forward to getting on the road again... as the Willie Nelson song says.


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