Wednesday, January 14, 2015

About that stuff...

As I said last time, I'm not into RV-ing as a Great Renunciation of Stuff.  One of the reasons I got a Class C was to have enough room for me and the things I want to use on the road.  I see pictures from  people with small rigs and they all seem to be overflowing with ... stuff!

It's probably very un-Green of me, but I'm a believer in plastic boxes, available pretty cheap from the likes of Target and (for heavier duty containers) Home Depot.   Like so:

The tool box moves between the RV and the car trunk. It's what I think I may need on the road, in any vehicle.  The small plastic box is an example of what I use to organize stuff which I may use either on the road or at home; this applies as much to shaving gear as it does to electronics.

The larger boxes contain stuff which will have a permanent home in the RV and not much relevance elsewhere.

One of my RV-related activities today (When the fog clears. Yes, fog in the desert!)  is to go measure the storage compartments under the coach and see what size boxes will fit where.  Is it a little twisted that I'm actually enjoying this part?

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