Saturday, June 28, 2014

Security Blankets

Two new deep-cycle 12 V batteries, snug under the top step.  

This will make camping off the grid a little more pleasant and reliable.   Lights, water pump, and the refrigerator all depend on 12V power ... even though the reefer is LP-cooled, its control circuits need 12V.  Future improvements in the power system: an inverter for a source of clean 115V AC, a surge protector to protect against weirdness in campground electrical hookups, and maybe solar of some kind, even if only a trickle charger to keep batteries charged up when in storage.

I finally found a locksmith who'd cut duplicates of the key for the e-bike.  They mostly have a policy that they won't cut customer blanks, and they didn't have blanks for the one key I got with the bike.  The company sent me a couple of blanks and I finally convinced a locksmith to cut them.

The storage compartments under the coach are all an the same key.  Apparently, all the storage  compartments in the world are on the same key!  I ordered a bunch of new more secure tubular locks/keys, hoping that the install would be easy.  Nope.  This may be a project for when I get home, or even on the road.  

The Beast is here at home for the day.  Maybe two. I'm getting various bits organized and ready to travel.  So far, I've just thrown things in whatever drawer/closet/compartment was handiest.  That would get old on the road for a couple of weeks, so I'm organizing.   At the moment, with a Real Trip around the corner, even the housekeeping is kinda fun.

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