Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bisbee next morning -- The Queen Mine RV Park

The neighbors

It ain't pretty but it works!
Bisbee is right there!

As promised, pictures from and of the Queen Mine RV park.


Left Emma alone in the RV while I walked into town for dinner.  The people next door report she was quiet.  That works.

Took a shower in the rig.  While I'm connected to "city water" and the grey wastewater drains directly into my own sewage connector, why not?  I was surprised that the hot water heater recovered as quickly as it.  On that last point, I now see the utility of various systems to maintain a smooth descent for waste water into the sewage connection.  Like this.  I think this, or something like it, goes on my wish list.

Sometime later I'll wander on to David's Oasis.  I'm in no hurry.  Glorious.


  1. I'll also figure a simple way to shrink the images a bit.

  2. Emma is a good girl. I hope you told her. The photos are glorious. Have fun at the oasis, and in the boondocks.