Friday, May 9, 2014

Bisbee Beckons

After all this time of checking things out and dealing with problems and learning to drive the Beast, I'm off for a few days to actually go somewhere.  Bisbee is an old mining town south of here by a couple of hours.  There's a well-reviewed RV park very close to the center of town: the Queen Mine RV Park.  Emma and I will drive down this afternoon, and I plan on dinner at Santiago's -- one of the best, if not THE best -- Mexican restaurants I've ever been to.  It's close enough to the RV park, and the people seem friendly enough, that Emma can have her first experience with being left in the rig for a while.  I'll ask them to call me if she acts up.  Fingers crossed. Bisbee is a quirky little artist colony and hangout for interesting people. There was some pretty good music at a bar the last time I was there.

Saturday I move "camp" to a place outside of town called  David's Oasis. It gets mixed reviews, but it has a pool and a BYO bar/social space, so we'll see what that's like.

The next stop I'm really excited about: it'll be my first experience "boondocking." We used to call it "camping." No hookups. Few other people. And free!  It's the  Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge right on the Mexican border a ways west of Bisbee.  Really good reviews from people I follow, and a break from the world of developed RV camping.  It's what I hope to do a lot of.  I have good memories of sleeping in the bed of my truck at Forest Service camp sites in SE Utah on my way to and from my job as a river guide based in Green River.  Now, up in Utah you have fewer interactions with the Border Patrol than I expect I'll have down south.  I'm not sure what shape the road is in, but there's a road that goes down to the border out in the middle of nowhere.  I'm curious ....

So: next entry and almost certainly some pictures, from Bisbee.

It's probably worth noting that I've worked out a routine for leaving on trips which so far seems pretty good.  I drive the car to the RV storage yard, leave it there, and drive the rig back home.  There's a level very wide shoulder on a side road here, and I left the rig there overnight, letting the fridge cool down.  Later this morning I'll drive a hundred yards around the corner into the complex to my place and load in food and whatever else I think I need.  And the dog!  And leave.


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