Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's mine!

BeastMaster here.   It’s mine!

Transaction was smooth, put the 3-day permit tag on it, drove to emissions test, passed with flying colors.  I’ll get plates for it tomorrow.  

Took it to its new storage lot home home and crawled all over it, manuals in hand.  Some cool things I didn’t know:  the refrigerator switches automatically from gas to electric.  The generator works off of the main fuel tank, but has a cutoff so you can’t drain the tank by running the TV.   (Yes, TV).  There’s a “patio sound system” which sucks, but is a cool idea.  The heating/cooling system works off a wall thermostat, just like home.  There’s an outside shower head with hot/cold water in addition to the inside tub/shower.  Yes, tub.  

Small glitch: the locks on the outside door are fronky.  Owner said it was the (bronze) key.  I’m taking some graphite when I go back. All of the keys to the outside storage compartments are tetchy, and we’ll see what graphite will do for them.

Larger glitch: the Az generator (4 KW) starts like a champ from inside, just as it should.  But the AC outlets and appliances don’t have power. A quick read of the trouble-shooting manual refers to a circuit breaker/fuse panel which I haven’t found yet. I need to see how it functions when it’s plugged into what’s referred to as “shore power.” 

Glitches aside, it’s big and clean and comfortable and it doesn’t scare me.  Much.

I was a lot easier driving it than I thought.  Was in light city traffic and briefly on I-10 and it was fine.  Backing into the slot at the storage lot took several passes … I’m going to get some orange cones and practice in the parking lot.  I’m still trying to figure out why the blog solution doesn’t work.  I suspect a nameserver propagation issue.

Didn’t take many pictures.  I will.

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