Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost home

I have two more days on the road.  It's been a long trip, and a good one.  Right now I'm at an old favorite placeL BLM's Valley of Fires campground near Carrizozo, NM.  Tonight I'll be at Rockhound state park near Deming, NM, and then home to the furnace heat of Tucson.  Heat or not, it's time to be home.  I don't know when or where the next trip will be.

The activity on this blog will be pretty minimal for a while.  There'll almost certainly be a summary post with some stats and some thoughts.  But after that the blog, like the Beast, will go into storage for a while.

I got up early this morning before there was even a hint of light on the eastern horizon.  The stars! Dry desert air and almost no man-made lights ... the Milky Way stretched across the sky.  And as I stood, probably with my mouth hanging open, a meteor streaked across the eastern sky.  It was a moment.  I'm grateful.

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