Thursday, June 23, 2016

Somewhere near Pollock, ID

The view from my campsite:

The warning signs kinda detract from the wilderness-y feel, but it's a commercial facility, after all.

I pulled over at one of the places I was thinking about boondocking along the road, and the view was:

And just to prove it was me (us):

This is a really nice RV park.  Not close to a town, like Water's Edge in Cascade, but you can't ask for nicer ambiance than a rushing river, particularly if you're from Tucson. Everything is spotlessly clean and looks new.

The campground wifi seems to work OK.  Which is good, because ATT is zero, and there's a usable Verizon signal on the office porch.  I'm pretty sure that the next days at the NFS campground will be cell-free: they warn about it on their web page.

So I'm fine, and really attracted to a post-lunch nap.  See y'all!

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