Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Idaho Ho!

It's Wednesday, so it must be Idaho.  I don't think I've ever been in Idaho on purpose before; I did drive through once on I-90 on my way from Olympia WA to the East.

I posted a photo from my phone yesterday, but you haven't heard much from me since I left Tucson. First night out was with friends in Flagstaff, then the "real" trip began.  I stayed at a small and delightful RV park in Mt Carmel Junction, UT, which is near Zion and a host of other scenic national parks.  The RV park was a strip of land with 12 campsites, run by the motel across the street.  Green! Green trees for shade, some green grass (complete with robins hunting worms), and the sound of water from a little river. A real sense of being out of the desert.

Not fancy, but cheap and I liked it a lot.  Full hookups!

Next day ended just south of Salt Lake city: A Walmart lot in Orem.  The road up was wonderful, as I made my way north and west around the east end of Grand Canyon.   I stopped to stretch and take some pictures at Glen Canyon dam, where in an earlier life I went boating and wakeboarding on Lake Powell.

Very hard to get a sense of scale, but this thing is BIG!

Next morning (yesterday, Tuesday) I drove from Orem up through Salt Lake City morning rush hour traffic (not fun,) and then north and west to Jerome, Idaho.  Another Walmart lot.

The northern Utah countryside was wonderful: lush rolling hills with high mountains to the west, a few stubborn snowfields persisting.

A few bug spatters on the windshield, but hey ... 

And so to Jerome, and Idaho.  The intermountain Northwest.  It's currently in the 30's up in Cascade where I'm headed for the next week, with rain showers.  Highs in the 60s.  Tucsonans, eat your hearts out!

So here we go.  As the intro to the NPR One app says, "It's on!"

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  1. Hello Rich, I envy you being on the road and seeing new country. Enjoy, breath in some of that fresh smelling freedom for me. Be safe.