Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Travel day

It's time to leave the Valley of Fires and continue southering.  ("Northering" seems to be a word, so why not?) Today a short hop down to an interesting-looking petroglyph site near Tularosa, and then on down to Rockhound state park just south of Deming for a couple of days.  Perhaps a stop at the White Sands Missile Range museum along the way.  Saturday, a long-ish haul almost due west for home in Tucson.

As expected, the weather has been a factor the last few days.  Cool, windy, cloudy, intermittent rain. Occasional thunder.  For this solo traveler, that means lots of time curled up with a good book and NPR or music.  Having unlimited electricity and water is so great!

I don't have unlimited data for internet access via the laptop, but I do have unlimited ATT data for the phone.  That meant that I spent almost all of my on-line time on my iPhone.  Today I have enough data left in my plan, which provides 10 gigs a month, to use the laptop a bit.  And tomorrow, the plan "recharges" and I get another 10 gigs to pay with.  More than enough to get me home in a few days!

The grey, lowering skies aren't what I'm used to here in the Southwest.  Last evening,  the darkness got to me, so I turned on almost every light in the rig.  Felt much better!  So did using the Beast's built-in "furnace:" Gas-fired forced hot air.   Neither of these would be a good idea running off just batteries, to say the least!

The clouds have parted, and sunrise is happening.  Time for a short pre-breakfast stroll, leaning into the wind.

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