Friday, May 13, 2016

In White Rock NM

What?! Doesn't everyone travel with their pet orchid?

The poor little thing is having a rough time of it; it skidded off its perch while I was driving a few days ago, and broke its pot.  But the inner pot survived and it seems ok.  Leaving it at home would have killed it for sure, so it and my one other houseplant are sharing the trip with me.  So far I don't feel moved to talk to them, though, so I guess I'm OK.

The trip down to White Rock from Navajo Dam yesterday was uneventful.  The road just out out of Navajo Dam goes roughly east, through Dulce and Chama, before heading south.  It's high country up there; the road goes along between 7500 and 8500 feet. Maybe the elevation has something to do with the fact that the gas mileage for this stretch was worse than the preceding days?

It's wonderful seeing old friends Doug and Dotty here in White Rock.  I'll decompress here for another day and then head south to Valley of Fires near Carrizozo, NM.  The weather forecast isn't ideal for the next few days: thunderstorms and high winds.  But so far my roof maintenance seems to have done its job, and the new tires feel like they're gripping the road pretty good.  So on we go.

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