Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Getting tired of this ....

Heh heh.  Couldn't resist the pun.

Six of them.

Faithful readers will recall that when Buck replaced the ball joints, he sent me off to get the front end aligned and the tires rotated; there was some visible uneven tire wear at that point.  The guys who aligned the front end weren't able to do the rotation, and today I took it in to have that done by way of preparation for summer travel to come.

Keep in mind that your friendly local Discount Tire isn't able to handle this kind of job.  So off I went across the city to the commercial/RV Jack Furrier shop.

Yes, there was uneven wear. And some cracking on the sidewalls.  Of the six tires, three or four were ready for replacement. So I took a deep breath, clutched my VISA card, and went for it.  The Michelins were top line tires.  The next least expensive was only $10 cheaper.

The tires I replaced were 4 years old.  There's a rough consensus that in this part of the country, 5 years is about as much as you can expect.  (Like 3 years for a battery.)  So here I am.  6 new paws. Lots of money, but I do feel better knowing that I have super-good tires.  One of my recurring concerns has been being out in the boondocks, in the rain, in the dark, trying to change one of these very heavy tires.  I'd like to think that's less likely now.

Now back to replacing old dried-out caulk, window valances, and marker lights.

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