Friday, February 19, 2016

Morning in New Mexico

Good morning, y'all.  (No, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination from the South.  But it's such a handy locution!)

It's cloudy, and likely to stay mostly cloudy in this stretch of country for a couple of days.   Handy that I'm not depending on the solar panel to keep me going today.

I've been considering options... stay here (paid for), go over to Texas (I know, what a thought!) and check out Franklin Mountains state park, go back to Rockhound, go east and north a bit to City of Rocks.  My plan all along has been to get back to Tucson on Sunday the 21st,  Monday at the latest.

This clearly requires more coffee.

See you down the road, wherever that is.

--- Oh, and more about this park: I didn't mention the railroad which runs a few hundred yards from where I'm camped. Or the barking dogs just across the wash.

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