Friday, November 20, 2015

Looking forward

The trip to Boulder via Southwest and Fox rental car was a success.  Getting to Boulder from the airport wasn't much fun; Google Maps got me royally lost in an industrial area, but once I got on Rte 36 all was well.

Next RV trip:  I thinking about a few days over in the Quartzite area just to see what it's like before the hordes descend in January.  It's one of the few nearby areas with warm (-ish) temps this time of year.

My current DIY project for the rig is refinishing the doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen area, which are looking pretty run-down.  Here's a sample:

Now here's the problem.  It's not entirely apparent in the picture, but the finish on the drawer is much glossier and a bit darker than the rest of the "cabinet."  I put that in quotes because it's some kind of faux wood-finish stuff, which is pretty banged up after 16 years of use.  I have the other elements -- two drawers, two cabinet doors -- all stripped and ready to be finished.  Plan A: make them like the one drawer I did. Plan B: Get some new stain, re-strip the one I already did, and make them not-so-glossy and closer to the background finish.  Plan C: re-do them all in a much darker finish, not trying for a match at all.

Good thing I'm in no hurry, and enjoy this kind of thing.

Hmmm.. I suppose I could rip the whole thing out and build new cabinets out of real wood. Nah!

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