Monday, August 24, 2015

Travel notes

The trip from White Rock to Tucson didn't go as planned, but worked out fine.

I got up real early, put the sheets and towels in the wash, and while that went on I loaded my stuff into the Beast.  Vacuumed and damp mopped the places I'd been in the house. Ate a quick breakfast.

By 8AM the wash was done and I was ready to hit the road.  Filled up the Beast with gas and went on down past Santa Fe and through Albuquerque.  I'd planned on stopping somewhere overnight, depending on when I left... had a series of possible places to stay: a couple of Walmarts, and some truck stops.  I travelled slow, and as I passed the places I'd though I might stay, it became clear that I might make it home to Tucson if I just kept on keeping on.  I did.  It was probably my longest day of driving in the Beast ever.  But I never felt tired or sleepy, for some reason.

The hardest part of the trip was driving through Tucson in the rainy dark.

The weather here is exactly what I don't like about summer in these parts: it has rained a lot here, and it's hot and kinda muggy.  I had thought to turn on the a/c in the house as I travelled: my thermostat has an internet connection for just that reason.  So it was nice and cool inside when I got there.

Took the minimum into the house last night: toilet kit, slippers, and coffee.  I have my priorities!  This morning I'll finish unloading the contents of the Beast into the house, and probably take it down to its home in the storage lot. Then I'll settle into my Tucson routine, and get ready for my next trip: I'm going to Vegas for a weekend with a friend.

Next RV expedition?  Dunno.  It'll be quiet here for a while.

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