Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rousing from my torpor

I'm headed out.  North, up towards Wyoming.  The last time I said that, I never wound up getting there. No matter. It's hot here and I'm tired of it.  The Beast has an oil change and checkup at Buck's tomorrow.  Emma will be well-cared-for by my good friend across the road.

The route I'm considering for starters looks roughly like this:

It takes me along some familiar territory.  I liked Rte 285 through the CO backcountry earlier in the summer, and will be glad to see it again.  I might jog over to Albuquerque if a friend of mine will be there that week.  If I have a destination, maybe it's the Flaming Gorge area up on the Wyoming/Utah border.  I might push further north into Wyoming once I get there.

Even though the setting is different, I'm humming "On the Road Again" as I make lists. I haven't planned how to get home again; my idea is to be back in Tucson by September 1.  Roughly.