Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More from Hatch campground

After all that about commercial campgrounds — 

I got into Cortez a little shy of 10am, way too early to stop for the day.  At my rate of travel, I’d get in Moab about noon!  Then I remembered a really nifty BLM campground south of Moab — Windwhistle.   Then I remembered that there was what was supposed to be an even nifter campground further down that road. So here I am Hatch Campground.  Alone.  No camp host, no fellow campers.  This will be the most remote campsite I’ve ever had in the RV.  Lovely!

It’s cloudy-bright, but the solar panel is pumping out juice like crazy, so I’ll hit darkness with everything fully charged.  Me and the ground squirrels and some gnats and a LOT of red ants. And some weak but workable Verizon 4GLTE cell.

Is this cool, or what?

I’ll take more pictures this afternoon.

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