Monday, August 10, 2015

Almost out, back and all ...

The last couple of days have been spent organizing gear, clothing, and food and packing the Beast.  It's been complicated by a resurgence of a familiar back pain which chose this moment to come on strong, and by the turgid heat of Tucson summer, which I'll be free of by this afternoon.

The last major chore is food shopping, which includes wine, tonic, and other libations.  The RV fridge has taken a while to get down to temp, which happens every time, concerns me every time, and sorts itself out every time.

I'll probably put up a short post from my phone when I actually leave.  If memory serves, there's usable cell service at the FS campsite near Payson which is my destination for the night.

As a fellow blogger would say, "Cya down the road..."

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