Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Here we go again

Taking off tomorrow (Wednesday) for some time in the cool mountains of northern New Mexico.  My friends in White Rock have graciously made their home available while they're in Maine for the summer.  Right now the overnight lows here in Tucson are in the 80s.  That's the afternoon high over there. We won't even talk about the dew point.

So Buttercup the Hyundai and I are headed out.  The Beast will stay here.  Actually, both my beasts will stay here: Emma the dog will be staying with a neighbor who is rapidly becoming a virtual co-parent.  With the small car it'll be easier to explore Santa Fe, Taos, and other places which  aren't exactly congenial for a lumbering box on wheels.

I'll be posting from the road, so there may actually me a reason to check in here again!

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