Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Plans and prospects

Can you spot the Beast off there in the distance?

I'm in Canyonlands, early morning.  And some shape is emerging for the next week or so.

Today, I'll drive up to Moab, visit a laundromat, get some food and gas, and then go find Bob Wells at his dry camping site just north of Moab.  Bob is the owner/operator of the Cheap RV Living blog, and   big name in the van dwelling full-timing RV community.  I've been reading his stuff for a while now, and it'll be fun to sit and talk with him for a bit.

Down the road, I'm due in Boulder to see family on May 25-28.  The dates are set by the availability of my son's guest "suite."  They rent it out on AirBnB and it's wildly popular, so I had to book it when I could.  No, he's not charging me!

The time and space between Moab and Boulder is unstructured so far.

There's an event in the Denver area that I'd maybe like to go to: an annual gathering that I attended last year, and enjoyed.  It'd mean I'd get home a day or so later than I'd planned, but I don't think that would matter much.  In any event, the time and space between Boulder and Tucson is more or less unstructured, too.

One of the laundromats in Moab advertises free wifi.  If so, I'll gladly burn some of their megabytes to share some pictures from my walk yesterday here in red rock country.

All is well, except for the balky weather patterns which simply refuse to settle into the warm and sunny I'm so used to.

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