Sunday, May 10, 2015

Departure log

I use these blog posts as a way to take notes for myself, as well as a way to stay in touch with y'all.  I really do look back on them as I prepare for future trips.  And the process gets easier every time.

Yesterday I took advantage of a shuttle drive from a friend, and brought the rig up to where I live.  Turned on the fridge so it could cool down, and put tools away from the recent repairs and maintenance.  This morning (Sunday) it's plenty cold.  Maybe a little too cold, but that'll take care of itself as I put food in it.  Today I'll drive it over to the supermarket and buy a week's worth of food and put it directly in the rig from the parking lot.

A  couple of loads of laundry today and that stuff can be packed.

Tomorrow (Monday) is D (for departure) Day.

Organizing the electronics has to start happening now.  The laptop, the iPad, the Kindle, the iPhone.  Cables, cables, cables.  The Verizon hot spot.  The GPS receiver for the iPad.  More cables.  Can it be that I only own ONE Apple Lightning cable?  

And so it goes.   I may add to this post with comments as the day goes on.


  1. Hello Rich, I was sorry to hear about both of your plumbing problems. I thought I would pass along the way I handle water in Liberty. I have not used the City Water connection in over a year. I always use my on-board water tank and water pump. This way my fresh water is always fresh since I'm drawing on it every day. When I leave the rig, I turn the water pump off. I don't want any surprise flooding while I'm gone. Just thought I would pass it on. Good luck and have fun on your trip.


  2. Darrell -- makes sense, and thanks. This connector is the only way I have to get water into the rig, so it has to function at least minimally. No, I take that back: I can use the pump to pump water up out of a bucket, which is how I get antifreeze in there for the winter and get bleach in if I'm sanitizing the system. I only use the fresh water tank for washing and flushing and water I'm going to boil for coffee or cooking. For drinking I stick with bottled water or fruit juice. I turn the pump off, too, when I'm away from the rig. But since I don't have a toad or a towing vehicle like Freedom, that happens pretty seldom when I'm on the road. Enjoy New Mexico!