Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Later Tuesday morning

Second cup of coffee.  Here I am… Day 2, 6:48 AM.

This little park is pretty cool.  Sites are level and spacious… when I look out my windows I see mostly rocks and desert.  Mixed in with the bird sounds, however, are the signature calls of Little Yappy Dogs.  When I was out taking some pictures, I met a guy with two of ‘em on a leash, headed back towards his trailer. His female traveling companion was calling to him … she didn’t sound happy.  He didn’t look happy.  The dogs, on the other hand, seemed delighted to be where they were, sniffing happily at every rock.

Yapping aside, I think I’ll try to be a dog this trip and sniff as many rocks as I can.

Some lessons learned so far:  The hassle of climbing up and down into the sleeping area over the cab isn’t worth it, particularly when I’m traveling alone.  The aluminum ladder from home helps, but it takes up space and is ugly.  I think it gets banished to traveling on the roof ladder outside, along with the clean-out hose.  It’s worth the minor hassle of converting the dinette table into a bed every night. At least, so it seems right now.

The plastic folding workbench is a good idea.  I haven’t needed it yet, since this campsite has a picnic table, which served very nicely as a place to park the little propane grill.   When I get to some boondocking, I’ll see whether it’s worth the size and bother. 

This is a pretty roomy space, but I have to work to keep things picked up and put away.   It gets real cluttered real quick.  Like a tent.  Or a boat.   Things tend to expand to fill every horizontal surface, mostly because I haven’t yet fallen into a routine of what goes where when it’s put away.  That will come.

Yesterday afternoon, tooling along an unremarkable stretch of two-lane blacktop, I found myself grinning for no particular reason.  That’s a good sign:  more grins!

Later, folks! 

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