Thursday, April 2, 2015

D-Day Approaches. Comments.

It's Thursday.  I leave Monday.  Yikes!

By now all the little pieces of equipment  that I've been acquiring for this and future trips has arrived. The Beast is back from Buck's, minus the signature howl of a disintegrating differential.  I'm making lists, with entries like "buy dog food!!!"  The mail has been put on hold.  I have a key-safe so friends can have access to my town home if they need to.

Some decisions:  For this trip, I'm not taking the "big" camcorder and tripod.  The quality of images out of the iPhone 6 and the new little Action Cam is sufficient to document where I go and what I do.

I still have to figure out how to mount the little cam for on-the-road footage.  The trial run I did yesterday in the car shows some of the problems: dirty windshield, reflections.  One answer is to mount the cam outside, and control it from inside via its WiFi connection.  But batteries ... ideally, I'd like to just keep the thing on standby at all times and when I see something I'd like to record, push the big red button.  I could run a cable out the window with power ... but then I couldn't use the weatherproof housing for the camera.

Any ideas?

This is where I'd love to get helpful comments from you folks.  The blog software doesn't make it clear how to do that, so looky here! Actually, looky down there at the end of this entry, and you'll see something like this, minus the red outline:

If you click on (or touch) the text which says "no comments,"  a window opens up and you can enter a comment.  Try it!  Say hello!

It won't look the same if someone else has already left a comment, but you'll figure out how to add yours.

And now back to making lists.


  1. Hi Rich!

    First, I am glad you are getting ready for your big trip--it looks really fun.
    Second, I think the dash cam footage looks fine. The little tweaks you are wanting to make are understandable, but I thought the test video was impressive. Sorry I can't provide technical suggestions--not my forte.
    Third--have you considered Zuni Mountain Sanctuary? See I have always wanted to go there, and you will be fairly close by.


    1. I keep forgetting about Zuni Mountain. Time to dust off my Faerie cred?

  2. Hello Rich.
    I didn't have the time to get caught up on all of your archives, but it sounds like you're getting ready to hit the road. Good luck out there. Freedom is what it's all about. Take care. Maybe Cya down the road.

  3. Darrell -- thanks! I'm looking forward to that feeling I used to have with a heavy pack on my back, headed out with the parking lot behind me. Makes all the fuss of departure worth it. Hope to see you out there -- I've become a regular reader of your blog, and enjoy it tremendously.