Friday, March 13, 2015


See anything unusual?  Good! There's a panel like this on almost all RV's.

So? A while back, the left-most switch failed.  In case you don't know, when it's held down it turns on the indicator lights.  Not crucial, but it is nice to have some idea of how full the holding tanks are!

So this turned into a Project.  If I took it in to the RV place, it'd have cost me probably something like $100.  So:  I looked at Radio Shack for a replacement switch.  Nothing fit the space or had the right functionality. I sent an email to the people at Forest River, the company which bought Coachmen a few years back, expecting very little except a lead on where I might buy a switch.

I got back a quick email offering to send me a switch in the mail.  The switch arrived; and in short order I learned how to crimp on connectors, and got myself a really cool new wire-stripping tool.  Total cost was maybe $25, most of which was for the wire-stripper, which has many other uses.

The best part was that I learned some new stuff.  I was ridiculously pleased with myself for having gotten this done.  As I will be when I finish retrofitting the fluorescent fixture with LED bulbs. And every silly little bit I learn helps me stay engaged and confident about setting out for parts unknown in this thing.   Saving money is a good thing, but I'd rather spend it on things WAY outside my skill set like getting the rear axle rebuilt, and learn to do the stuff I can.  Besides, it's fun. It's not just a way to get places, it's a cool toy!

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