Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Up on the roof

Not by the Drifters, but you get points if you can sing the chorus.

The weather was great, so as planned, I drove down to the storage lot to see what was what with the missing vent lid.  The first step to get on the ladder is a little nasty even if you don't have a bum knee, so I took the folding extension ladder to make it a bit easier.

Right at the top of the ladder, there's an ominous sign which says DO NOT STEP HERE.  Oh.  Umm... so I kneeled.  Not one of my favorite maneuvers right now, but it worked.  With balance issues in mind, I crept around up there on hands and knees.  Fun.

First thing I noticed was a problem I didn't know I had.

That's the cover on the a/c unit with a big ol' hole in the leading edge.  This is new: I wonder if the vent lid caromed off the a/c on its way overboard?

A little research on Amazon, EBay, and the owner's manual helped me find the right replacement, and it makes sense to get it from Amazon, with the 3% off I get by using their card. Can't say I'm nuts  about the cost, but it does look like a job I can do.

Proceeding forward, the naked vent was obvious.

It should look like this.

The fan works just fine, so the day out in the rain and snow don't seem to have damaged anything but my peace of mind.

Unlike the a/c unit, the model number for this Fan-Tastic (?!) vent was in plain sight.   But that didn't help a lot finding the right replacement lid.  I'm still poking around trying to find one.  It looks like I might need a new strut (lower left of picture) but I'm not sure.

And so it goes.  I need to call Buck about finishing the differential rebuild.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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