Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two steps forward, one step back

The nasty gash at the rear of the roof is all patched with Dicor sealing tape.

The anti-freeze is rinsed out of the water system and the tank partially filled with fresh water.  "Partially" -- there's the rub.

There's an LED "idiot light" gauge which tells the status of the tanks and the battery:

You'll notice it's all dark. That's because the "test" rocker switch circled in red is stuck in the off position.  The pump switch (in green) works just fine, so I suspect it's an isolated switch issue.  For the short trip I have in mind this coming weekend, I don't need to know how full the Gray and Black tanks are -- I know they'll last a few days.  But the Fresh tank was emptied for winter, and I have no way of knowing how full it is when I take off.  Hmmmm...

I guess that's on tomorrow's list.   Right now it's time for lunch and a nap.

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