Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Looking ahead. Communities. Toys.

Looking ahead

I have a tentative destination for the next foray.  It's here:

About 2-3 hours from Tucson.  Open cactus country.  I'm thinking I'll take Emma ... she won't like the drive over much, but she'll be fine once we get there.  It's maybe 300 miles round trip, so one tank of gas will more than cover it.

Other than just plain getting out, the agenda is to see if the solar panel will support living in a location like this... can I charge up enough during the day to use lights at night and cook and all?   I'll log some computer time, but not much internet:  weak Verizon 3G signal.  That's fine.  I have some video editing projects backlogged that won't need net access.

So what do I want to get done before this? Thinking out loud here ...

  • Replace the a/c shroud on the roof.  Parts ordered
  • Change oil and filter in the generator
  • Change oil and filter in the Ford
  • Flush the antifreeze out of the drinking water system and check it
  • Check the fridge

Do-able.  I have some scattered appointments here in Tucson so looks like the time frame of  Feb 20-25th is what I'm aiming for.


I've written before about my discovery of online communities of interest.  I'm still fascinated.

Anecdote:  Person 1 buys a new computer, wants to sell his partially-converted van and buy a Class B motorhome.  He offers his old computer as a finder's fee for anyone who can find him the exact Class B he's looking for.  Person 2 finds him a rig that meets his specs.  Person 1 negotiates a purchase of the new rig, and plans to send the "old" laptop to Person 2.  Person 2 says he doesn't really need a new computer, and suggests that Person 1 gift the computer to Person 3.  Person 3 is very grateful.  In the mean time Person 1 sells his van to Couple 4, who will complete the build and document the build and their travels on YouTube.

None of these people had ever laid eyes on each other, until all this happened. Now, they're all following each others' blogs and YouTube channels, and the people who were following Persons 1-2 are now following Couple 4's YT channel.

Anecdote:  I follow an RV-themed blog from people who are starting up a new web site to help RV'ers find places to camp.  Free.  So far.  I subscribe to the web site.  Another person whose blog I follow is staying at the place near Ajo I described up top.. so I message him to find out about the road conditions in.  I get a quick, brief, to-the-point response.  Looks good.

He'll be headed to Tucson about the time I may be headed to Ajo.


The main camera for YT folks is the GoPro.  It's cool.  It's expensive.  There's a family of GoPro-like cameras called SJ Cams.  These have almost all of the features of the mid-range GoPros at a fraction of the cost.  Why another camera?  I've enjoyed the "dash cam" footage on some of the YT channels. These are so small that they could document a hike or side-excursion and just slip in a pocket.

Unnecessary.  Me want.

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