Monday, February 9, 2015

Finding the right part

A while back I said I was confident that I'd found the right replacement shroud for the Dometic roof a/c unit. Not so fast, bucko!

I didn't have the model number for the a/c unit, so the manufacturer's consumer service guy (rather brusquely) said he couldn't help.  I called the RV manufacturer (Forest River now owns Coachmen) and after a couple of emails, I got the info I needed to go find the ID for my unit.

Model 57915.622, my old friend. 

It was up in the ceiling, behind the vents, which had to be removed, and further behind a metal box which has the thermostat circuitry, which also had to be removed.  Of course!

Here's the thing: I'd poked around in there and not gone in deep enough.  All it took was someone who knows these things to tell me it's in there somewhere, and I solved the problem.  Sometimes knowing there is a solution is all it takes to find it.

Of course, by now the unpleasant Dometic guy has left for the day, so it'll be tomorrow before I can get the part number for the shroud and order it.

While all this was happening, Amazon delivered a fresh supply of spa chemicals and test strips.  Not a moment too soon.

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