Thursday, February 12, 2015

Comfy chair

I'm thinking about comfort.  If I'm gonna spend weeks or months in the Beast, that becomes important.

Mostly, I'm thinking about physical comfort.  And the best improvement I want is a comfy chair.   (Anyone else remember the Monty Python "comfy chair" skit?)  or Archie Bunker's armchair?)

I spend a lot of time sitting and reading, with a drink to hand. The couch in the Beast isn't all that great, and when Emma is with me, it belongs to her.  The dinette seats are fine for sitting and eating or doing limited computer work.  The closest I have to a comfy chair is one of those pretty awful folding numbers that camping supply stores supply:

I need something that folds and is fairly light.  It's important that I can move it in and out of the rig as temperatures and light (and bugs!) suggest.  

There are bigger and cushier versions of this:

... and they have matching footstools.  Maybe I actually have to go into my local Camping World store and sit in one.

Or maybe a recliner?

Decisions, decisions.

More coffee!

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