Sunday, February 15, 2015

Almost ...

This is good news. The shroud fits nicely. The bad news is that it started to rain. 

When the rain stops I'll go back and secure it. 

LATER:  Not quite done.  I have to go back up with a drill and enlarge some holes so everything's well and truly buttoned down.  It rained a couple of times: each time I went inside, and then came out, dried the slippery aluminum ladder rungs, and went up again.

EVEN LATER:  The situation with the dinette table is something I can't figure out how to describe.  I really should have done a 30-sec video clip.  The problem is that the table has a tendency to collapse when the rig is in motion.  Not good. The solution, I think, is to move the attachment points a bit.  You'll just have to take my word. 

While I was up there I discovered a pretty major breach at the left rear edge of the fiberglass.

Here's problem, viewed from below:  This is the rear of the rig, driver's side.

And there's a closer view, taken from the roof, looking down.  In this view, the driver's side is on the right.  It's not really clear in this image, but it looks as though there was an impact over the whole circled area... blunt force trauma, if you will. The seam on the right of the image also needs love.

The answer to the crack is this:

And the seam should get some Dicor Lap Sealant.   I just happen to have some of each.  **Smug**

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