Thursday, January 1, 2015


This is my first winter with the Beast.  I'd thought rather vaguely about whether I ought to do something about freezing temperatures.  But I kept thinking I might take it out sometime soon.  So ... I managed to not do anything about winterizing.  It's gonna get down the 25 tonight, according to Weather Underground, so. Besides, it sounded hard.

Not so much.  I got three gallons of pink RV antifreeze at Pep Boys, watched a couple of YouTube videos, and went at it.  Oh, and I read the directions.  Yes, the Owner's Manual says what to do.

So I did it.  The hardest part was finding the backside of the hot water heater so I could bypass it when I filled the pipes with antifreeze.  Of course: behind the drawer underneath the closet in the bathroom.

Or maybe the hardest part was waiting an hour for the main water tank to drain (I swear that machine has prostate issues!)

But it's done.  Total cost $15 for the antifreeze, and I have enough left over for next winter.

Does this sh*t spoil?

The no-longer mysterious Water Department

The whole took a couple of hours, and engendered a bit of tension:  Frozen pipes in your RV toilet sounds messy and, well, expensive.  But it was simpler than I thought it would be (life lesson there, huh?) And now it's almost cocktail hour.

Oh yeah: Happy New Year -- if there's anyone out there.

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