Monday, January 26, 2015

More communities ... and me

I keep running across people who have dropped out.  Back in the 60's, dropping out was a very hippie thing to do.  It had heavy political implications, and in many cases was part of a counter-culture movement that involved a lot of drugs.  

The full-time RV people -- all over the map. Literally and figuratively.  "Virtual" communities held together by the shared idea of being a high-tech nomad... and by the internet.

Here's a link to a web site for "Nü" RV'ers.   This is not the "occupy" crowd of economic rebels who want to overthrow the system. (How 60's, right?)  These are people finding a way to live in the world they live in...

"This is not your GrandDad's RV-ing community."  Well, I could be their Grand-Dad.  And a lot of what I see of the communities they're talking about doesn't appeal to me either.

I'm much more drawn to the guy who's in his 50s or 60s who spends summers up near Flagstaff and winters down in the far southwest corner of Arizona.  Boondocking on public land.  Drawn enough to go do it?  Not really.  Not yet.  But playing with these ideas gives me a sense that there's still a future.  That life could be more than sitting in a very comfortable place waiting to die.

When I got the RV I sensed that it could be an important moment.  More than just spending a scary amount of money.  But I didn't know what that moment might mean.  I still don't.

But... huh?!

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