Monday, January 26, 2015

How far is far?

I'm playing.

If I took three months this summer and headed North, and did some kind of circle, how far would I travel? (Talk about unstructured questions!)

Well ... try this:

4400 miles.  66 hours driving.   Gas cost roughly $770.  But what a lot of wandering!  What opportunities for boondocking in all that western US public lands!  Wow!

I'm getting really excited!


  1. That cost estimate didn't take into account the fact that gas (at least right now) costs more in Canada. Still ...

  2. And oh yeah -- Google's time estimates assume an average speed which I don't maintain on the road. Based on last summer, about 60mph gives me 10-12 mpg on flat terrain.

  3. I'm reading maps with directions that say things like:

    Follow I-10 W and I-5 N to Trans-Canada Hwy/Water Ave/BC-1 E in Hope, Canada.

  4. Replies
    1. Spent this morning looking at roads leading to the Yukon. The Yukon and NW Territories are the only Canadian provinces I haven't set foot in.