Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grand Junction, CO

Time with family is always rewarding, particularly with a very active 5-yr old in the mix.  The conference in Denver gave me a chance to contact some old friends and acquaintances, but the program itself wasn't as interesting as it has been.

Tonight I'm headed for Dolores CO, down in the SW corner of the state, for a multi-day off-grid campground event: CampOUT, the Four Corners Pride festival.  I doubt there will be internet or cell service where I'm headed!

The rig is running well.  Some minor maintenance issues to be attended to when I got home: The entry door handle is loose, for example.  Yesterday had two LONG stretches of construction on I-17 between Denver and Grand Junction.  Crawling at 5 MPH for 30-45 minutes...

In spite of a lot of climbing up and over the Rockies, the Beast is getting 9-10 MPG pretty consistently.  Today I have a choice of a longer route which is mostly on freeways, or a shorter route on blacktop.  I don't go much faster on the highways, so I'm taking that option.  Live and learn ...

Emma's been pretty good.  I think the meds help.  She'd still rather be home reading a good book.

Breakfast time, then to find a supermarket in Grand Junction to stock up for a few days in the boonies.

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