Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 1 -- in camp

In camp, near Show Low, Arizona.  Yes, there's a place named Show Low.  Had to do with a long-ago poker game.  Google it.

It was a really good day.  The medication got to Emma after about 90 minutes, And after that she just snoozed on the couch.  No way is she getting off the couch, though!  The navigation system worked flawlessly:  The iPad in its cradle, audio out into the truck cassette player.  The Dual GPS receiver.  And Navigon:  Navigon isn't my favorite nav app, but it has the advantage that it downloads the maps and thereafter doesn't need a network connection.  I suppose I *could* fire up the Samsung T-Mobile hot spot so the iPad could talk to the world, but since I'm paying for that data, I prefer to use it for something that requires it.

All the campground connections are fine. This is the first outing for the power conditioner, which reports that I have 118V at 60 cycles. And no errors of any kind -- and it knows about LOTS of possible problems.

I'm staying at an Arizona state park, and so far AZ is two for two.  It's attractive, quiet.  It'sin the White Mountains area, where they're just puttin out a medium sized wildfire, so there's no open flames. Propane is good, though.  I was kind of looking forwward to grilling burgers, but I have options in the freezer.  "In the freezer!"  This is some pretty strange way to camp.  I could get used to it, though.  

So far I'm aware of two things I forgot:  ice cube trays, and the bike helmet. I may get some trays on my way out of town;  ice in my drink would be good. While I'm roughing it.

The internet service here for both ATT and T-Mobile is "E" -- that stands for slow.

I'm not sure I can post this.  I'll try, and if it works maybe I'll have more to say after a pre-dinner bike ride.

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