Saturday, June 21, 2014

I'm back

Just back from a great trip to San Francisco to see old friends and travel with them to an annual event up at Saratoga Springs.  It was a good time, marred only by the kind of airline travel day on the way home that makes one want never to fly again!  And, I'm sure, one which makes airline employees wish they'd taken a day off -- how they put up with a lot of people yelling at them about things they can't control amazes me.  For what it's worth, the people of Southwest Airlines were great!  And the airline did its best to take the sting out of it by issuing $200 vouchers for future travel. The final touch to a day of delayed flights and missed connections was that my baggage arrived in Tucson a day after I did.  It was all fine -- and one of the bags had not one but two tags from the TSA contractor at SFO saying they'd been inspected by hand.  Judging from the candies scattered around the bag, I'd say someone in TSA loves Jolly Ranchers.

Back to the RV-related world.  The Beast spent another day at Buck's, getting some brake issues attended to.  The ABS sensor in the rear failed.  That was replaced, the brake fluid drained and refilled and the brake system inspected inside out, and the computer got an upgrade.  I've never had that before: the idea that my vehicle needs and operating system upgrade just like my phone is new.  Makes sense, though.

Next week Beast goes to an RV repair place near me to get a few things looked at: I'm headed up into the mountains where it will be -- I devoutly hope -- cool enough to want the furnace to work in the morning.  It now makes a God-awful screech when the fan starts up.  Enough to wake an entire campground. So that has to get dealt with.

Then!  July 6 I take off for 10 days going to and from Colorado, to see family and attend a couple of events back there: one in Denver, one in Dolores.  Looks like about 1700 miles.  I've been doing some route planning, and I gotta say that the various map applications make planning pretty easy.  I've had no problems finding good-looking places to camp, and have reservations -- even in tourist country in July.  Yay!

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