Friday, April 4, 2014

Water sanitizing

OK, here's the current project:

I'm trying to get the drinking water tank and pipes sanitized, so I can drink water I store in there.  The previous owner didn't do this, preferring to carry bottled water.

The procedure is simple:  using a short hose, provided ...

You suck a solution of bleach and water up into the system, using the onboard water pump.

The hose is supposed to be connected to this:

It's not real clear here, but the knurled grey knob under the words "antifreeze connection" unscrews: it's a plastic, male-threaded plug, smaller than the female hose end. 

I *think* the plug is embedded in a larger plastic fitting with fins, which, if I could remove it, might reveal the male hose fitting I need to attach the hose.  

I'm putting this here in hopes my friends at can use these pictures to give me some advice.  When I try to "unscrew" the connector with fins, nothing happens.  Since the previous owner didn't do this, I suspect that the connector has seized up with time and temperature.

The new converter is due in on Tuesday.

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