Wednesday, April 9, 2014

two down ...

The new converter is installed. For once, something was as simple as it seemed it should be.  And as far as I can tell, it's working fine. With the generator running as an AC source, there's 13.6V at the battery terminals.  With the generator off, the battery shows 12.6V, which is essentially a full charge.  I haven't screwed it down yet, in case I need to move it or something.  Well, mostly because I forgot to put the drill in the car this morning.

And with the help of a $.77 plastic pipe adapter from Lowe's, I seem to have solved the "how to suck liquid from a bucket" problem, which means I can proceed to flush and "sanitize" the drinking water system.

The only remaining problem that I know of is the furnace howl; I forgot to check that this morning.  It's not crucial just now, as afternoon temperatures hereabouts are in the mid-90s.  With 3%.  Yes, three percent humidity.  It's a dry heat, ya know.

I think it's time for another shakedown overnight at Catalina St Park.

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