Friday, April 18, 2014

One month into the mission

One month ago the Beast joined the family.  I've spent a little money on it, mostly to replace the converter, but not near as much as if I'd paid an RV center.  And now I understand it pretty well.

Next I figure out a place to drain and sanitize the fresh water system, now that I know how. And I take it to my mechanic to get an oil change and have them inspect the truck systems.  This'll cost.  But I'll learn a bit more about what's underneath the hood and the chassis.

Travel. Next destination will probably be a couple days down in Bisbee, near the Mexican border.  Maybe a trip over to New Mexico to see friends in Los Alamos before they take off for Maine for the summer.  I'm planning a Colorado swing in July to coincide with a conference in Denver.  In June I'll fly to SF for a week for a run over there.  I've been looking at Mexico, which at this point seems very scary, simply because I've never been to Mexico.  No, I take that back:  I walked across the border at Nogales for a few hours just to see what it was like and get some cheap antibiotics for my first aid kit.   Didn't like Nogales much.

August:  I'm considering heading vaguely northwest toward Seattle at some point, maybe stop and see friends in Olympia.  Maybe cross over into Canada, if that's not a hassle with my dog.   I'd like to camp by the Pacific again.   And then there's Montana and Wyoming.  

One step at a time.  First get the oil changed.

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