Friday, April 11, 2014

On the road again

Kinda.  Later I'll take some supplies and the dog down to the storage lot, and head first for the grocery store and then Catalina State Park.  Second shakedown.  I went down this morning to turn on the refrigerator, which takes a long time to cool down, and checked the air in the tires and the air springs. All was close to normal except the driver's side air spring, which was pretty low.  First time I've used the little compressor which was part of thew deal -- it runs on 12 volts off the battery, and does the job just fine.  I discovered that my nice analog-dial tire pressure gauge doesn't go high enough for truck-tire pressure. Good thing (a) I have a couple of little old-fashioned gauges which push a little rod out to reveal the pressure and (b) the compressor has a pressure gauge built in.  

I found the fresh water storage tank! Poring over the diagrams showed that it had to be on the driver's side,  a bit behind the front axle.  And there it was, under the couch.  Of course.

This is important because I want to drain and sanitize the sucker.   I found one way to do that, by letting the water dribble out the intake port I discovered a couple days ago.  That can't be the best way, because it barely drained a gallon in half an hour, even with the faucets turned on to release pressure.  The tank holds 25 gallons -- There's gotta be a secret I haven't figured out yet.  

One way to do this would be to  connect a hose to some cold water outlet, run it out the door, and turn the pump on.  Or use the pump to get a siphon going.  That seems like a kludge.  But a faster kludge than what I did this morning.

This is progress.  Next major component I haven't found is the fresh water pump itself.  Which is something that might break, leaving me SOL.

Too bad the campground has a noon 2pm checkin.  I'm itchy.

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