Sunday, April 13, 2014


The fridge seems to be working fine.  After about 6 hours on propane,  the freezer was at 10 degrees and the fridge at 31.  I'll check back after dinner and see if it just keeps getting colder, or what.

And I tackled the awning once again,had a brief moment of concern (although not pain) and figured it out.  I spent a few minutes drinking a beer, sitting on my front "stoop," in the shade of my awning.  Just like home, huh?

Next project is sanitizing the water tank.  Because ...

Down the road, but not too far: a Trickl Start  so that when I'm plugged in to AC I'm also charging the starter battery.

Further done the road:  solar.  (1) To keep the battery topped off when it's sitting in storage, and/or (2) to extend the battery life when I'm camped without power.  This requires some research.  Fun!

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